Citrus Sol - Anjali essential oils - 15ml

Citrus Sol - Anjali essential oils - 15ml

invigorating . joyful. tranquil

Citrus Sol blend is a beautiful harmonious blend of Australian Sandalwood and citrus essential oils that can uplift and boost your mood.


( Sol is the word for sun in Spanish )
invigorating. joyful. tranquil

This bright and joyful blend assists in feelings of contentment. It can offer an uplifting, refreshing and warming aroma to enjoy in your space.
Just as the sun brightens and warms, Citrus sol can deliver these feelings with it’s inviting aroma.
Also available - Ready to apply to the skin in our glass roller ball bottle.
Avoid exposure to sunlight after use.

Ingredients :
Organic Orange, Organic Bergamot, Organic Lime, Organic Tangerine, Organic Grapefruit, Organic Sandalwood essential oils in Organic Jojoba oil.